OTB Patterns Blog

This is OTB Patterns new blog. I will try to add articles that will be of interest to anyone using my patterns. Anyone interested in submitting articles about your experiences, shortcuts or suggestions may email me from the contact page.

Scroll Saws and Woodworking

This is the place where you will find information about using, finishing or selling our various pattern types. We will be adding more information as time goes by. Below are articles for those who are fairly new to working with wood, and using the tools.

Information about Commonly Used Woods

Basic information about some of the commonly used woods you might wish to use for your projects.

Starting Your New Project

If you are new to using a scroll saw, or woodworking tools, we have some basic pointers for you.

Finishing Your New Project

Helpful hints on finishing your new wood project

Selling Your Finished Projects

Ideas to help you sell your new products.

Water Jet, and Plasma Cutting

Articles of interst to those cutting floor medallions, and/or using our patterns for cutting metal and other materials.

Selling The Idea of Using Your Services to Flooring and Tile Companies.

This article touches upon some of the ideas I developed to help keep the water jet busy, and making money.